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    Access a Fuse
    Device to turn a one fuse slot into a readily-available power source while maintaining the original fuse in place.

    Alaska Distribution
    Arctic leash, a retractable extension cord designed for vehicles power cord management

    Alaskan Products Company
    Produces the Arctic Leash, a retractable extension cord reel for block heaters and oil pan heaters.

    Alternator Starter Express
    Remanufactured automotive alternators and starters. Also offers motorcycle starters.

    Auto Electric Test Equipment
    Test equipment for rebuilders of auto starters, generators, alternators, solenoids, etc. AC to DC power converters.

    Sells solar-powered auto battery trickle chargers and solar panels.

    Battery Brain
    Vehicle battery monitoring device that disconnects the battery if the drain on it reaches critical levels. Designed to prevent dead batteries caused by leaving the headlights on or the door ajar.

    Battery Equaliser
    Lead auto battery additive formulated to reduce sulfation and prolong battery life.
    Sells auto battery chargers and maintenance products, coolant, lubricant, and fuel additives, and drinking water purification additives. Includes tutorials about each product line.

    Best Converter
    Inteli-Power converter-chargers.

    Blue Beehive
    Suppliers of electrical wiring and fastenings.

    Blue Beehive
    Basic wiring materials and fastenings for all makes and sizes of vehicles from tractors to trailers, including cars and lorries as well as land rovers, boats, and buses.

    Breakerless Ignition
    Breakerless SE conversion kit to convert a point type ignition to an electronic ignition.

    Columbine Auto Products
    Features assortment of wires, fuses and connectors.

    Heavy duty, custom battery cables for street rods, low riders, semi, 4x4s, military trucks, RVs and Classic Cars. Includes cable sizing charts and technical data.

    Del City
    Manufacturer and distributor of electrical products for automotive, truck, trailer, marine and other OEM/MRO applications.

    Electropower Storage Limited
    Batteries for electronics, golf and camping equipment. Sealed lead acid batteries replacement batteries for yuasa, full river, gel and cyclic types.

    Howard-May Company
    Multi memory cruise control system

    Idol's Tool Center
    Battery boosters, shop and hand tools.

    Independent Ignition Supplies
    Specialist magneto repairers and component suppliers. Catering for all types of low and high-tension ignition systems made between 1896 and the mid-1950s.

    Specializes in Aims 12 volt dc to 120 vac power inverters. Retails both pure and modified sine wave type inverters.

    J and S Distributors
    Variety of products and inverters for all vehicles with 12 volt DC systems. Includes lighting, power, and portabl accessories.

    Jacobs Auto Electrical
    Automotive and trailer merchandise. Cable ties, wire connectors, bulbs and fuses.

    MASCO Electrical
    New and remanufactured starters and alternators for automotive, industrial and marine vehicals. Specializing in custom high amp alternators and mini gear reduction starters.

    High performance starters, alternators and DC motors for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers and industrial equipment.

    Mr. Whizard Technical Services
    Repairs electronic and digital instrument clusters for many vehicle types.

    National Quick Start Sales
    Alternators, parts and upgrade kits. Auto electric troubleshooting. Also offers to OEM and aftermarket.

    R Thursby
    Car alarms and auto electrical specialists. Automotive and marine heating systems. Specializing in golf and mobility batteries.

    Reversing Horn Company
    Reversing horns that play specialty tunes like the Macarena. Installation instruction for cars, vans, caravans and other vehicle that go in reverse.

    Offers a variety of 12 volt products that plug into a vehicle's lighter outlet, including electronics, tools, and games. Includes informational area for truckers.

    Rodders Parts & Materials
    Design and manufacture of hose and tube clamps for specialty cars.

    Ron Francis Wiring
    Automotive, classic, streetrod, and hotrod wiring products.

    S.G.S. Auto Electric
    Alternators and starters for automotive, marine and heavy equipment vehicles.

    A jumper cable system that protects the electrical system by preventing cross polarity. The final connection is made away from the battery.

    Star Auto Electric Company
    Remanufactured domestic and foreign generators, alternators and starters. Specializing in remanufacturing components for vintage British automobiles.

    Street Rod Digital
    Designer and manufacturer of custom networked computer controlled devices for the automotive and trucking industries.

    SVR Batteries
    Sealed agm, absorbed glass mat, maintenance free batteries, for motorcycles.

    Tech Buys
    Power inverters and test equipment like multimeters and cable testers.

    Trend Cruiser
    Automotive lighting. HID xenon headlights, fog lights, replacement bulbs. H4 and HID conversion kits.

    VDC Electronics
    Makes and sells a variety of vehicle battery chargers, including fast chargers and trickle chargers.

    Vehicle Wiring Products
    Sells materials for the manufacture, modification and renovation of wiring harnesses for motor cars, motorcycles, and boats. Free catalogue available.

    Vintage Wiring Harness
    Reproduction wiring harnesses for antique, vintage, veteran and classic automobiles.

    Wiring Products
    Electrical and wiring parts and accessories for vehicles.

    Wrangler Northwest Power Products
    Sells electrical products for autos, including inverters, fuses, alternators, and wiring parts and tools.

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