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    Find automotive news and resources, including Spirit, reviews, auto racing news, car buying guides, information on automotive technologies, and more.

    A Picture Review of American Motors From 1957 to 1987
    A one page site that tries to show all the American Motors Automobiles produced from 1958 - 1987.

    Allan Fleming's Home Page
    Collection of AMC related links including the AMC web ring.

    AMC Marlin
    Photos and information on the Marlin.

    AMC Prototypes
    A tribute to the many concept and prototype cars developed by American Motors Corporation.

    AMC's 1967 Marlin Information Pages
    Specifications, production figures, original marketing materials, pictures, as well as the management strategy at AMC are provided for the 1967 model.

    American Independent Magazine
    Free AMC information on site, and you can order magazine subscriptions and back issues on-line.

    American Motors and Ramblers
    Information and pictures about Ramblers and American Motors including history.

    American Motors Corporation
    History of the company, the Pacer, and a Pacer buyers' guide.

    American Motors Forum
    Discussion forum for various AMC related topics such as technical information, modification, and classifieds.

    ArcticBoy's American Motors Rambler Graphics
    Extensive collection of old advertisements and other pictures of AMC-related items.

    Blue Moon AMC
    AMC, Nash, Rambler and Kelvinator historical information and pictures.

    Gwen's 1964 Ramblers: Classic 770
    Personal site providing extensive information on the 1964 Rambler.

    Howard's American Motors Page
    Pictures of AMC/Rambler cars that were produced over the years and articles on the last AMC built, Nash trucks, Hudson trucks and the early history of AMC.

    Marc Montoni's American Motors Page
    Review of AMC history and webmaster's personal history of AMC ownership.

    Rambler Dan's AMC Home
    Includes AMC registry and links.

    Rambler Marlin AMC Home
    Your Internet connection to the largest source of AMC and Rambler Marlin's Information in the World.

    Team AMX Racing
    Historic American motor race cars. Technical information on engines, suspension, brakes, and chassis.

    The Hornet's Nest
    A brief history of AMC with pictures of different cars.

    The Rambler AMC Museum
    A museum of a private collection of classic American cars, especially Rambler and AMC.

    The Rambler Rogue Registry
    Rambler Rogue, American, and SC/Rambler registry and helpful information.

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